SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce - President & CEO:<br><a href="">Frank Knapp</a>

SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce - President & CEO:
Frank Knapp

Project Coordinator:<br><a href="">Kayla O'Keefe</a>

Project Coordinator:
Kayla O'Keefe

Press Secretary:<br><a href="">Samantha Hunter</a>

Press Secretary:
Samantha Hunter

Military Liaison:<br><a href="">Aimee Melvin</a>

Military Liaison:
Aimee Melvin

Information and Data Consultant:<br><a href="">Chris Carnevale</a>

Information and Data Consultant:
Chris Carnevale

Fiscal Impacts:<br><a href="">Alana Dille</a>

Fiscal Impacts:
Alana Dille

Coastal Carolina - Sustainability Coordinator:<br><a href="">Jennifer Sellers</a>

Coastal Carolina - Sustainability Coordinator:
Jennifer Sellers

Coastal Carolina - Assistant Professor:<br><a href="">Adam Chamberlain</a>

Coastal Carolina - Assistant Professor:
Adam Chamberlain

Charleston Intern:<br><a href="">Evan Sherer</a>

Charleston Intern:
Evan Sherer

 Coastal Carolina Intern: <br><a href="">William Bassler</a>

Coastal Carolina Intern:
William Bassler